Nurturing Young Hearts and Minds

Looking for a rewarding career in the early childhood sector? Want a vibrant workplace that feels like one big family? Or are you seeking opportunities for personal development and career growth?


Then, working at Little Green House might just be the right fit for you!


At Little Green House, we value our early childhood educators. With attractive remunerations and benefits, you’ll find a rewarding career with us!









About Little Green House

A winner of the “Best Literacy Programme” from 2017 to 2020, alongside numerous SPARK (Singapore Preschool Accreditation Framework) accreditations, Little Green House is renowned for its ability to provide a wondrous environment for the development of children. Customising unique programmes for children ranging from ages of two months to six years, Little Greenhouse’s award winning formula combines a set of engaging activities with a rock-solid curriculum in order to give every child the quality education he or she deserves.


“A Passionate Lifelong Learner with a Flair for Literacy”


Under the Roof of the Little Green House, budding minds have a place to bloom. Inside its warm shelter, growth is a constant season. In every corner, rays of encouragement illuminate the brilliance of children. Each day we sprinkle their minds with love for learning. In their hearts we nurture seeds of confidence. Our grounds are a sanctuary where little ones can take root, stand tall and reach the sky. We care for children as we would young tree saplings. Though they may be humble stalks, with nurturing hands we believe that they will blossom into magnificence as the Literacy Smart Kid.

“Nurturing The Literacy Smart Kid”


We nurture your child’s total development through a fusion of a strong academic curriculum, creative enrichment and hands-on activities. With a dedicated team of professional preschool teachers, we bring to light your child’s full intellectual, social, physical and creative potential. Working hand-in-hand with the parents, we hope to see children becoming a budding writer, a fluent reader, and a confident speaker!




A Fulfilling and Rewarding Career Awaits

Holistic Well-Being

At Little Green House, we care for your holistic well-being. Every employee receives comprehensive insurance, alongside health and dental coverage to ensure your heath needs are covered. Enjoy healthy meals at our centres daily to nourish and prepare you for the rest of the day!

Little Green House Teacher Benefits

Family Matters

We care for you like our family. At Little Green House, we acknowledge the importance of family. From marriage leave, maternity leave to childcare leave, you’ll have time to take care of your family. Furthermore, enjoy attractive staff discounts when you send your own children to our preschools!

Little Green House Teacher Benefits

Career Growth

At Little Green House, we’re happy to be part of your growth! With our comprehensive ChrysalisTM Teacher Growth Model, our preschool educators get to enjoy structured career progression pathways with over 180 hours of extensive training. Looking to further your studies? We’re also here to help you with it!

Little Green House Teacher Benefits

Vibrant Culture

Everyone at Little Green House is like family! To foster a positive and vibrant work culture amongst preschool educators, we organise annual retreats and staff bonding events where you get to create fond memories with your colleagues. We also value innovative ideas, and we encourage our teachers and principals to share their thoughts!




Hear what our teachers and principals say about working at Little Green House



“I appreciate the support I receive from the team and definitely my centre principal who is every so willing to support my ideas and continuously grooms me to be a better teacher every day.”



Hassana, English Teacher,
Little Green House @ Jurong West 502





“It has been my professional nurturing place for the past 11 years. I am able to speak my mind and voice my thoughts to the principals. I also have the agency to share my ideas and implement them in my class. Little Green House makes me feel that I am valued and respected.”


Lotis, Senior Teacher,
Little Green House @ Bukit Batok





“I enjoy working at Little Green House because my leaders and co-workers treat me well, the children are well-mannered and the environment at work is positive.”



Peng Hou Shan, Chinese Teacher,
Little Green House @ Jurong West 478





“I knew I made the right decision when I got to know all my staff and everyone was supportive. We work together as a team, and as a family as we share ideas and help one another to groom the future generation.”


Regina Ng, Senior Principal,
Little Green House @ Seng Kang 48





“The management is supportive and grants me ample freedom to carry out tasks. The environment here is collaborative and my colleagues care about me as a person and about my professional growth.”


Amita Upadhyay, Master Principal,
Little Green House @ Serangoon 553





Our ChrysalisTM Teacher Growth Model



With over 180 hours of extensive training, teachers will gain the knowledge and skills of our award-winning literacy curriculum!



Did you know? Early childhood educators at Little Green House can look forward to a comprehensive ChrysalisTM teacher growth model where clear progression pathways are mapped out, alongside annual training to boost preschool teachers’ knowledge and skills in the early childhood industry.


Like a caterpillar that undergoes the metamorphosis and transforms into a graceful butterfly, we believe in the efforts and desires of our teachers to develop well and strive hard in their professional development journey. This is why we ensure that our teachers gain a solid foundation in their professional development growth at the Little Green House.



Embark on your teaching journey with us!


Career advancement opportunities abound, both at Little Green House and also other brands in the Global EduHub family. Please find the opening positions in: and submit your resumes. If you would like to get in touch with our HR team, please write to [email protected]




Join us in giving rays of encouragement to the little ones, sprinkling them with a love for learning and nurturing them to blossom magnificently