We wish to offer our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers and staffs of Little Green House Yishun for making Vera's first (PG) and second (N1) years in school so easy and enjoyable. When she was in playgroup the affection and personal attention she has received from Teacher Jas has not only helped her to learn pre-school basic and allowed her to fully enjoy the whole new experience of school life with a positive attitude. Teacher Cat will smile and welcoming presence each school day brightens up the mood of all the kids and parents. She showered her with love and patience so that she was accustomed to the childcare so quickly and hoping to go to the school everyday. This is how she capture Vera's heart. Now in N1 Xue Lao Shi is my girl's favourite teacher, even though she is strict in class most times but she will shows the her loves and fun side too. She has progressed so well and is a more confident little girl than she was a year ago with the help and support from Xue Lao Shi. Once again, we would like to thank all staffs and teachers from Little Green House Yishun for everything that you all have done for my Daughter.
Mr & Mrs LeeParents of Lee Ting Xuan Vera
Justin is graduating soon in a month's time. I would like to thank Little Green House, for the care and love that teachers have showered him throughout the 4 years. During this 4 years, I observed that the Principal - Ms Rajes and the fellow teachers took great effort in ensuring that the children are well nurtured. I truly appreciates that the centre had taken good care of Justin, on his character, behaviour and academically. Justin has transformed a lot during this period. I would like to give special thanks to Yang Laoshi, she has been teaching Justin during K1 and K2. She will always take additional effort and updating me as frequent as she could on Justin's daily activities. With this, I am able to concentrate on my work because I know that Justin will always be in good hands under her care. Justin would also share with me that Yang Laoshi is always encouraging towards him. I would take this opportunity to thank Yang Laoshi for her dedication towards education, and she is very passionate in her work.
PaulineParent of Little Greenhouse Yishun
The staffs are great & kind. My girl loves going to school and now knows how to sing and also talks clearer now. Thanks!
Camella's MumNIB
Great Job! Can see that my baby can slowly speak! Thank you for all the effort & time given!
TheresaMama of Krystal
The Little Greenhouse staff is wonderful with children. I feel very good at work knowing my daughter is in a safe and creative environment. I would recommend the centre to all of my friends for its variety of indoor/outdoor activities, quality of staff, location and reasonable tuition.
Mikkyo Lee Si En
Thank you for your time and patient to teach and guide our children, Aqil & Auni. Through your guidance, they are able to sing and dance when they are at home. They may be shy in the centre but they demonstrate and show to us of the skills and knowledge they had learnt in the centre. Aqil & Auni really like Teacher Jasmine & Anne. Often, they will call up their names at home. Once again, thank you!
Mohamed Ridwan Bin Mahat & Noraidah Bte AbdullahParents of Aqil & Auni
My son had entered Little Greenhouse at the age of 18 months and he is currently 4 years old and still enjoys going to school every day. His willingness to go to school every day has showed me that he is comfortable with the school and really loves his teachers and friends. This is an important factor for all kids. The school had provided my child with a good environment. With passionate, good and friendly teachers, my child has showed interest in learning new things and I can constantly see improvement in him. I am very grateful to all his teachers who are part of his learning journey. Thank you Little Greenhouse!
Joanne QuekMother of Dylan
Ayden has been attending school at this centre for 5 months and is enjoying himself. The teachers are patient and attentive and they’re helping him to cope well. I have
constantly feedback on issues and the teachers are always open to improvement
JasmineParent of Little Greenhouse JW502
I’d highly recommend Little Greenhouse Playschool. My daughter loved the days she goes to the playschool and as parents, we knew she was in great hands with loving and experienced teachers. The play-based program offered a huge variety of activities and games, while the one-on-one teacher attention played a huge role in helping to foster her self-confidence and to prepare her for kindergarten.

Little Greenhouse has provided a wonderful first educational setting for our child. The teachers are very caring and work so hard to ensure that the children have a positive first school experience. The play-based program has allowed our child to learn according to their interests and the craft projects have provided excellent, fun experiences to develop fine motor skills and creative minds. Our child has also really enjoyed the field trips to the supermarket and Singapore Zoo. Both of those field trips provided wonderful learning opportunities and fun memories that our child still talks about. We find ourselves very fortunate to live in a community with a strong early childhood program at Little Greenhouse Playschool.

Rina ThariqParent
Karsten joined Little Green House in January 2014. My hubby and I were happy to find Little Greenhouse clean and tidy. We were relieved that Karsten liked school and was able to adapt without fuss under the patient teacher care of his Teachers Ann & Wang Yang.

Diet is always a big concern of parents. My concerns were eased when Teacher Ann gave us a comprehensive weekly table of the menu that the children enjoy for all their meals. Karsten’s curriculum was also shared regularly through the communication handbook.

During the meet-the-parents session with both Teacher Ann & Wang Yang, they gave us a holistic update of Karsten in terms of academic, social and motor skills development. I was impressed and thankful for the efforts made by the teachers who put together Karsten’s school work and pictures of him during work at play.

Thank you Teacher Ann & Wang Yang for being such dedicated teachers and for making Little Green House a second home for Karsten.

Ada WongMother of Karsten
Teacher Yang, I am thanking you for your efforts contributed in educating my two children. Gyann was quiet & less approachable in school but you showed and convinced me that my daughter has a special characteristic on her own and put my worries to ease. I’m surprised that she can cope well in her Chinese subject in school. Jaxten, my playful boy, worried me too but you put my doubts away and showed me with videos that this boy is learning well. I was impressed with the songs & idioms that he has been reciting. You have gone beyond in frequently sending photos to all parents to ensure that our precious children have been well taken care and it’s so loving to see them having so much fun in school. We may not be in school with them but we still feel the joy, delights & excitement the kids had enjoyed. Pardon me in expressing my words in English but I would be good in my Chinese if you were my teacher too. Thank you!
SusanMother of Gyann & Jaxten
Dear Teacher Chris,

We appreciate your teaching, love and care for our son Sigmund Chua especially when he is naughty. He has learned a lot during his stay in infant care. We are glad to have you as our son’s teacher.

Steven & SusanParent of Sigmund Chua
Dear Teacher Chris,

Thank you for your care and concern that you’ve showered on Maisarah during her time in school. We appreciate the love you’ve given her and we see the difference it gives to her. Our sincerest thanks.

Sarah’s Mummy & DaddyParents
Ms Tina, the Principal of Little Green House at Tampines, is a dedicated person in leading, caring and inspiring children to believe in themselves and be the best they can be. She would constantly garners feedback from parents on the extra enrichment programmes that best suitable for children holistic development.

Ms Tina has also conducted parents’ survey for improvement in all aspects (e.g. well-beings and learning) for children. She is a reflective and receptive practitioner who demonstrate deep pedagogy to her teachers through regular meetings as one of the platform. She is open to feedback from parents and would review the ideas suggested to her to improve the environment of the centre.

In addition, she requested teachers to update the child weekly learning via communication book regularly. The communication to parents like monthly newsletter etc. were more systematic. She is a vigilant person and would conduct classroom observation for teachers for professional growth in terms of nurturing the children for both academic and holistic development.

For some themes, the children would have their experiential learning out of the school which have made learning of the children more authentic in real-life scenario. For example, the learning journey to hay dairy goat farm for The Food theme.

Ms Tina works closely with stakeholders like parents in organizing parental involvement activities like Christmas Party, Chinese New Year celebration and Mother’s Day Celebration etc. The aim is to create a child, parent and teacher relationship. Judos to the effort made by Little Green House @ Tampines!

Mrs KhoParent of Raeanne K1