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Employee Spotlight: Teacher Peng

Teacher Peng has been with Little Green House for over 9 years. In her role as a Chinese teacher, she teaches the Chinese language to the children, while planning events, and arranging curriculum files at the centre. Teacher Peng enjoys writing curriculum and aspires to further her career as a curriculum planner or a Vice-Principal one day!



Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a Chinese Teacher at Little Green House?

I majored in Early Childhood Education in University. After I graduated, I joined Little Green House in 2012 as a Chinese Preschool teacher and have been working for 9 years now.

For me, I have always been passionate about working with young children. I desire to help them learn more about themselves, work with others, discover the world around them, and find out more about different cultures. These are the standards and teaching philosophy that I hold myself to every day.

我2012年大学毕业进入Little Green House成为了一名华语老师,至今已有九年了。我本身的专业是学前教育。对于我来说,喜欢孩子,帮助他们了解自己,了解他人,认识世界,认识不同的文化是我一直以来的都在践行的职业准则。


What gets you excited about going to work at Little Green House every day?

I enjoy working at Little Green House because my leaders and co-workers treat me well, the children are well-mannered and the environment at work is positive. I love seeing the children’s smiling faces in the classroom and looking at them grow and develop. I also feel appreciated when I receive good comments and feedback from my parents. These are what what keeps me going each day!

我喜欢在 Little Green House 工作,因为公司领导以及校长和一起工作的同事们都对我很好,孩子们也彬彬有礼。 我很喜欢这种积极的工作环境。我喜欢在每天的工作中看到孩子们的笑脸,看着他们每天的进步与成长,我感到很欣慰,每当我收到父母的好评,我的内心充满感谢,感谢家长们认可我的工作。这些是让我每天坚持下去的动力!


What do you like most about Little Green House’s culture?

I like that I learn new things from everyone at Little Green House. Every individual has different skills and strengths in the work. We share ideas and help each other out regularly.

I enjoy singing, reciting, giving speeches, dancing and painting. I then make it a point to incorporate my hobbies and my talents into my teaching. Doing so has helped me as I am able to enjoy what I do and also adds variety to my teaching, especially when the Chinese language itself is a rich and diverse language with a long history.

Since learning a second language is challenging for young children, I am able to use songs and dances to arouse the children’s interest in learning the language and garner their enthusiasm for the Chinese language.

“I am thankful that Little Green House’s teaching methods are in line with my teaching philosophy and methods.”

At Little Green House, while we do have a teaching framework, curriculum and themes to abide by, teachers are also given opportunities to be creative and innovative in their lessons as we guide children to cultivate a love and enthusiasm for the learning of Chinese! Through the learning content in the form of children’s songs, stories, poems, musical games and other forms of learning in the classroom, as well as the exploration of learning corners, children can be immersed in all aspects of the Chinese language.

Whenever I see the children being able to confidently answer questions in class, discuss their thoughts with their peers, and to confidently recite Chinese stories and sing Chinese nursery rhymes, I feel delighted and am overjoyed.

我热爱唱歌,朗诵,演讲,我也喜欢跳舞和绘画,我常常把我的特长以及兴趣爱好融入到我的教学中,不得不说这对我的工作帮助很大,增添了我的教学多样性。华语本身是一个丰富多样并有着悠久历史的语言。但作为第二语言来学习,对于幼儿来说还是有一定难度,能够引起幼儿的学习兴趣,并保持学习华语的热忱,是我工作多年来一直在重点研究的教学方法,而且Little Green House的主题教学法非常符合我的教学理念,在设定了教学大框架的前提下,老师也能够根据主题内容融入自己的教学扩展内容,通过丰富多样的形式来引导幼儿学习华语。保证了知识性内容一定量输入的同时,也让幼儿能够自己探索,大胆创新。通过课堂中儿歌,故事,诗词,音乐游戏等形式的学习内容以及对学习角落的探索,幼儿能够全方位的进行沉浸式华语学习。每一次看到孩子们能够在课堂中自信的使用华语回答问题,与同伴讨论,也能够充满信心的使用华语来表演故事,演唱儿歌,这些时刻,对于我来说,都是欢欣雀跃的。


How has Little Green House helped you in your professional growth?

In my 9 years of working in Little Green House, my professional capabilities and teaching abilities have improved in all aspects. Through the accumulated teaching experiences with different levels of children, I have a deeper understanding of the behavior and learning performance of children aged 2 to 6 through different periods. Furthermore, by sharing and handling some of the daily operations of the preschool, I have a clearer understanding of the division of labor and cooperation in the team. This helps me to understand how working is a team is like and I am better able to resolve conflicts and work collaboratively as a team. My communication with parents has also improved greatly.

Little Green House’s has provided me with professional guidance and training from time to time in various aspects of work which gives me a clearer picture of my future career growth. In my work at Little Green House, I’ve learnt more about myself; my strengths and weaknesses and was able to improve myself continuously. I also had the opportunity to further my studies in the teaching of Chinese language which greatly improved my knowledge, skills, and capabilities of teaching.

在Little Green House任职的九年里,我的专业能力以及教学能力都得到了全方位的提升。通过在不同年级的累积的教学经验,让我对2到6岁的孩子们在不同时期的行为以及学习表现有了更深刻的理解。通过分担处理学校的一些日常事务,让我对团队分工合作有了更清晰的认知,了解了如何处理团队工作中的矛盾,如何与家长更好的交流。通过公司不定期提供的教学,工作等方面的专业指导和培训,让我对我的未来的职业规划定位更清晰。在Little Green House工作的这些年里,我认识到了我专业上的不足与缺陷,通过报读华语教育专业的大专文凭课程让我在华语教学上的专业素养更上一层楼。


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