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Employee Spotlight: Teacher Lotis

Teacher Lotis has been with Little Green House for over 11 years. In her role, besides nurturing and guiding children, she mentors new teachers. When Lotis isn’t working on a lesson plan, she enjoys writing children’s poems and short stories.



Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a Senior Teacher at Little Green House?

My students call me Teacher Lot. I can’t even believe that I have been with Little Green House for more than 11 years. It feels like it was only yesterday, minus 7 kg.

It was not an accident but a destiny that I had become a teacher at Little Green House. I came to Singapore first for a short holiday with my college besties. I saw cute little children in school uniform while I was riding the train. It then sparked an idea within me that I could actually be a preschool teacher. Then, I did not have any preschool qualifications and experience but I believed that there was a way. I started searching for jobs online the next day.

I found a site offering a teaching job in Singapore with the opportunity to take a diploma in early childhood. My application was badly rejected during the first interview as I did not have any prior experience. But I wouldn’t let rejection destroy my dreams and I left some parting words with the interviewer and with a big smile on my face. A while later, she asked me to prepare a demo video and come for a second interview. I was overjoyed when my demo video was selected and I received a job offering from Little Green House, and that was the start of my preschool teaching journey.

From having zero experience, to now a Senior Teacher, I found pure joy with the profession and the path that I pursued.


What gets you excited about going to work at Little Green House every day?

Each day, I have a purpose to fulfil. I commit to the idea that great things will happen in my class whenever I give my best. I also look forwarded to be surrounded with so much love from the little children in my class.


“Little Green House  feels so much like a home and family that gets bigger each year. I enter the same door but I exit with new experiences every day.”


What do you like most about Little Green House’s culture?

Throughout my career, there were times when I’ve received offers to leave Little Green House, but as I reflect on what makes me happy, I always go back to the same answer. Little Green House @ Bukit Batok allows me to make an impact to the lives of children and I look forward to celebrating the various milestones of my students.

Because I’m an inquisitive individual and am always looking for better solutions to things around me, I am so fortunate to be able to speak my mind and voice my thoughts and feelings to all the principals that I have. Most importantly, I have the agency to share my ideas and implement them in my class.


“Little Green House makes me feel that I am valued and respected.”


Throughout all the challenges I’ve face in the past 11 years, the management has always stood by my side. I’m happy to stay at Little Green House for as long as I can and I’m extremely grateful for the support and trust that has been given to me.


How has Little Green House helped you in your professional growth?

Despite the current pandemic, I feel grateful for the opportunity to engage virtually with the amazing curriculum team in our HQ. Dr Michael taught me new perspectives in teaching and gave me valuable advice on how to improve my approach in lesson delivery while ensuring that I stimulate my students to be confident and active learners. I’m looking forward to more training through the Chrysalis programme.


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