Our Awards

Best Preschool Award 2023/24

(Best Literacy Programme)

Best Literacy Programme

Best Preschool Awards 2020

(Best Literacy Programme for four consecutive years)

Singapore Preschool Awards 2019

Best Preschool Awards 2019

(Best Literacy Programme for three consecutive years)


Mummies’ Choice 2017 – WINNER

(Best Literacy Programme)


SG Parents’ Choice 2018/19 – WINNER

(Best Literacy Programme)



SG Parents’ Choice 2017/18 – WINNER 

(Best Literacy Programme)


Best Preschool Award 2017

(Best Literacy Programme)

Little Green House believes in holistic learning through a fusion of strong academic curriculum, creative enrichment and hands-on activities. Aptly named, Little Green House is where children are carefully nurtured under a warm shelter with rays of encouragement to help them grow and bloom to the fullest as budding writers, fluent readers and confident speakers.


At Little Green House, children experience something new every day and learn skills of observation, exploration and even independent thinking. They are given the freedom to explore their individual strengths and abilities under proper guidance of their teachers such that each child will emerge as confident speakers who can express themselves creatively; adept with the basics of language, numbers, and problem solving. Also, they will be actively developing their motor skills, have more self-awareness with a sense of community, love for the environment and have a passion for learning. Programmes include English, Mathematics, Music ‘N’ Movement, Outdoor Play & more.

We carefully nurture your children under a warm shelter with rays of encouragement to help them grow and bloom to their fullest.