Little Green House Chinese Preschool Programme

Why You Should Consider a Chinese Preschool

Did you know that Mandarin is the world’s most widely spoken language today? As China’s economy and global profile continues to grow, it is becoming ever more important for your child to have a strong foundation in the Mandarin language, so that he/she can excel in the future world. As Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently opined, “Most young Chinese Singaporeans can understand and speak the language, but they may not speak it fluently. And Singapore may be losing its bilingual competitive edge.”


Since 95% of a child’s brain develops before the age of 5, the early years are the best time to ingrain strong language fundamentals in your child. Especially for English-speaking households, sending your child to a Chinese preschool helps to ensure that he/she is able to immerse in a Mandarin-rich environment to master the language and be effectively bilingual by the age of 6.

Little Green House Chinese Preschool Programme

Little Green House Chinese Preschool Programme offers a Mandarin-Immersion Curriculum based on Professor Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences approach.


The children will develop a sound foundation in Mandarin whilst learning across all subject areas such as Drama, Healthy Life Skills, Communication, Mathematics Activities, Science Exploration, Music and Art & Craft in a wholly immersive Chinese environment.


Through our Mandarin-Immersion Curriculum, children become young maestros of the language, acquiring an expressive word bank of over 3,000 words, and learning over 35 Chinese poems and 50 Chinese idioms by the time they enter their Primary School years.

“According to statistics, Chinese is now the most spoken language in the world and is considered as an important language.”

Curriculum Highlights

Mandarin-Immersion Integrated Thematic Learning

Thematic Learning is a well-established preschool approach which integrates different subject areas under a common theme, allowing children to better retain information and learn through interactive activities. Our integrated lessons are divided into 4 parts, namely Music & Dance, Word Recognition, Thematic Activities and Learning Corners, providing children with a multi-sensorial, engaging and fun way to learn.

Mandarin-Immersion Project Inquiry

Children learn best when learning is applied to the world around them. Each term, through a 3-step Project Inquiry process, children embark on interesting projects that help them discover more about particular topics, deriving insights, testing hypotheses, and presenting observation findings along the way – just like a budding little Scientist!

Chinese Culture & Heritage Programme

Exposure to traditional Chinese culture, arts and heritage helps to deepen each child’s love and grasp of the Mandarin language. Weekly activities allow children to learn traditional Chinese poetry, calligraphy, Chinese idioms, festivals and traditions, as well as moral values through the Confucian principles of “Di Zi Gui”.

Strong Emphasis on Mandarin in the Early Years

The Early Years provide an optimal window for children to acquire a solid foundation in the languages. We will be conducting classes in Mandarin around 75-80% of the time for PG, N1 and N2 children. An additional hour of English will be provided for K1 and K2 children to better prepare them for Primary School.