Little Green House @ Aljunied

Welcome to Little Green House @ Aljunied! This centre offers quality Infant and Childcare programmes that strive to provide tender loving care to your little ones and it is conveniently located near Aljunied MRT Station. Little Green House @ Aljunied has a partial open classroom concept and an outdoor playground where the children can get their daily dose of sun.

Little Green House’s accolades are proudly displayed at our reception area, where parents drop off or wait for their child. Just beyond the reception, lies an impressive learning sanctuary with high ceilings and plenty of open spaces for little ones to learn, play and grow.

Little Green House @ Aljunied

Infant Care | Childcare

12 Aljunied Road #03-01 & #03-02,

KH Plaza @ Aljunied, Singapore 389801


Our Holistic Programmes

Infant Care

Little Green House @ Aljunied offers full-day and half-day infant care programmes for infants and toddlers from the age of 2 to 17 months.

Our infants are well looked after by experienced and qualified infant educators who take care of your children’s feeding, napping and developmental needs.

With a dedicated infant care corner, your child can enjoy a quiet and secure environment to play and sleep in. Infant care bays are furnished with warm pleasant colours and adequate childproofing to ensure that your little ones explore in a safe environment.

At the infant care at Aljunied, your child will explore the surroundings, aided by toys, musical instruments, textural materials and specialized baby gym equipment under the watchful eyes of our infant educators in an environment that is designed with the highest possible level of safety in mind and provides opportunities for sensory, cognitive, creative, social and emotional stimulation during your child’s growing months.

In our infant care class, our littlest ones are introduced to various developmental programmes to refine their hand-eye coordination, attention span, gross and fine motor skills. Language is learnt through immersion (songs, stories, dramatization) and they also participate in group learning activities such as music and movement and gym work.


Little Green House offers half-day and full-day programmes for children aged 18 months to 6 years at the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.

At our centre, children are exposed to the foundation steps of our award-winning Literacy SMARTTM programme which covers daily story reading, nursery rhymes with songs and dance, teacher modelling and daily communications in complete sentences. Our curriculum guides and groom young eager learners into a budding writer, a fluent reader, and a confident speaker through daily class and group participation, speaking and writing practices on notes, reflections, individual or class stories.

Little Green House is renowned for its ability to provide a rich and stimulating literacy-rich learning sanctuary for the development of our students. The centre is well-equipped with state-of-the-art audio-based learning stations at The Sound Factory and well-stocked with extensive range of award-winning titles, readers and magazines at The Language Lab. For aspiring performers, The Stage allows their creativity to flow and imagination to soar.

Dedicated Spaces for Activity-Based Learning

Our centres feature child-friendly facilities to allow your child to play, learn and explore in a safe space. Some of these include a soft-padded indoor gym, dedicated corners for reading and group activities lessons, as well as outdoor play areas.

Lessons for all levels are conducted in our classrooms with lots of space for various learning activities to take place. There are also specially designed learning zones in every classroom where the child can explore their areas of interest.

Over the years, Little Green House has consistently won numerous awards and accolades in providing a safe and nurturing environment with a well-rounded curriculum that equips children with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes – thereby preparing for their future journey in primary school.

Give your child a nurturing environment to learn and grow!

The Sound Factory

The Sound Factory with its avantgarde audio-based learning stations for the K1 and K2 children, are stocked with headphones and media players. These audio books help the children improve their focus, phonetics and word associations. Along the process, the children are able to visualise the stories they listen to and paint their own images to go with the story.

The Language Lab

With an extensive range of award-winning titles, readers and magazines, The Language Lab is where adventures take place for the children during reading and storytelling sessions. Not only are reading materials available here, but also in each of their individual classrooms. The team of educators are committed to nurturing every child to become a budding writer, a fluent reader, and a confident speaker – all of which are key goals of our Literacy SMARTTM programme.

The Stage

For the aspiring performers in Little Green House, The Stage is where their creativity flows and imagination takes off. Equipped with a variety of colourful costumes and a wide selection of musical instruments, the children can hone and express their talents in this creative corner. On this stage, speech and drama, dance and music performances are showcased – allowing melody, music and movement to converge as one.

The Digital Garage

It’s never too early to help your kid to learn coding. At our centre, there is a room where the children learn their robotics and coding lessons. So coding isn’t just for older students… our centre introduces the right coding games which are fun and interactive and this is how the children explore the beginning concepts of coding.