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Employee Spotlight: Teacher Hassana

Hassana has been with Little Green House for over 3 years. In her role as an English Teacher, she conducts English lessons and makes observation of children’s progress in learning and their development. Her portfolio also includes mentoring and guiding new teachers. Hassana enjoys the opportunities given to her to mentor teachers as she feels she learns a lot through guiding them.



Tell us a little about yourself and how you became an English Teacher at Little Green House?

I started my career as a preschool teacher from humble beginnings. My first few years of experience in the early childhood fraternity has shaped me as a person and equipped me with better skillsets.

“I enjoy strong support from my Principal & colleagues and I am appreciative towards the opportunities and meaningful experiences at Little Green House.”

At Little Green House, I was appointed as an English Teacher in 2017. As an English Teacher, I developed learning concepts & introduced lessons & hands-on experience for my students. Their enthusiasm to learn never fails to amaze me. Since then, I am blessed to mark several milestones which saw myself developing leadership capabilities & being able to lead new teachers as well as help in the management of the centre’s operations.


What gets you excited about going to work at Little Green House every day?

I look forward to conducting hands-on activities for the children, seeing them enjoy the lessons, and for them to learn and grow little by little each day. My colleagues are definitely also people who makes me thrilled about work as we share fond memories of our daily activities each day.


What do you like most about Little Green House’s culture?

I appreciate the support I have from the team and definitely my centre principal who is ever so willing to support my ideas and decisions that I make, and continuously grooms me to be a better lead teacher and helps me achieve my goals.

My teammates at Little Green House are friendly, helpful, and are always on-the-ball on things when I ask them for help to do something.


How has Little Green House helped you in your professional growth?

It is difficult to find a workplace that sees your capabilities and willingly grooms you to become your very best. The opportunities and support that I have at Little Green House allows me to fulfil my aspirations.


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