• A Journey into Our Story Garden Open House

    A Journey into Our Story Garden Open House  (18 & 25 May 2024)        Enter the realm of learning wonder in our nature-themed Open House, ‘A Journey into Our Garden Story’ to witness the magic of early literacy – and enjoy unbeatable school fee savings of up to…

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  • Little League Games Open House

    LITTLE LEAGUE GAMES OPEN HOUSE 2024 (16 & 23 March)        Gear up for an educational journey like no other and give your child an unbeatable head start! Little Green House proudly announces the kick-off of our Little League Open House – Join us on 16 and 23…

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  • Ocean Odyssey Extravaganza Open House

    OCEAN ODYSSEY EXTRAVAGANZA 2023 (21 & 28 October and 4th November)        Propel your child’s educational journey with an extraordinary head start! This October, Little Green House opens our doors and invites you to our Open House on October 21st, 28th and November 4th for a fantastic opportunity…

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  • Teachers’ Day Appreciation 2023

    Teachers play a big part in guiding our children’s learning and development. They nurture, inspire, care, and guide our children to achieve their growth milestones!  On this special day dedicated to teachers, please know that their efforts are valued and greatly cherished. The world is a lifeless, barren place without…

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  • Kaleidoscopia Colour Play Open House

    KALEIDOSCOPIA COLOR PLAY OPEN HOUSE 2023 (9 & 16 SEPTEMBER 2023)       Give your child’s educational journey an amazing head start!  Join us at our Open House on 9 and 16 September for the excellent chance to connect with us. Highlights of the event include: Interactive learning stations that…

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  • The Magic World of Animals Open House Jul 2023

    THE MAGIC WORLD OF ANIMALS OPEN HOUSE 2023 (1 & 8 JULY 2023)       Give your child’s educational journey an amazing head start! Join us at our Open House on 1 and 8 July 2023 and enjoy over $1,200 worth of school fee discounts! Children can participate in 3 exciting…

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  • Little Green House Teachers' Day 2021

    Teachers’ Day Appreciation 2021

    Wearing a cape and emulating the heroes we admire when we were younger is something most of us have done. But must superheroes be dressed in a fancy super suit to have superpowers? Not at all! From persuading your child to enjoy eating their least favourite food to guiding them…

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  • Little Green House Professional Development Programme for Teachers

    Revamped Professional Development Programme for Teachers

    Little Green House’s Chrysalis Programme seek to map out clear career progression pathways and boost the knowledge and skills of preschool educators.   On 21 November 2020, Little Greenhouse launched a revamped professional development programme, for our preschool teachers. In line with the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)’s announcement to…

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