A Journey into Our Story Garden Open House

A Journey into Our Story Garden

Open House 

(18 & 25 May 2024) 




Enter the realm of learning wonder in our nature-themed Open House, ‘A Journey into Our Garden Story’ to witness the magic of early literacy – and enjoy unbeatable school fee savings of up to $200 a month for 12 whole months*!

Little Green House proudly returns with exclusive Open House specials! Come and join us on 18 and 25 May as we showcase the marvels of knowledge and childhood growth in exclusive childcare and infant care learning experience sessions.

What are these sessions about?

Led by our team of highly qualified and professional teachers, experience firsthand our innovative teaching methods designed to cultivate a love for learning and literacy in your child. Explore how our award-winning curriculum showcases engaging educational experiences that highlight the progression of your child’s educational journey:

Childcare Learning Experience (PN to K2 level):

You and your child will know more about our Iconic Learning Zones offerings that have transformed a shy child who struggles to read into a brave and happy Literacy SMARTTM Kid!

📚The Language Lab: Dive into our literacy-rich zones that inspire a lifelong passion for reading and writing. Features award-winning books and news articles to engage children in real-world topics.

🎨The Art Lab:  Witness dynamic demonstrations of our hands-on, nature-inspired activities that spark curiosity and creativity. In this zone, children will practice their art techniques and skills while exploring different art media, tools and materials

🔢The Numeracy Lab: In this zone, children will learn to grasp and practice math concepts using various manipulatives such as pretend play.

🖐️Sensorial Lab (Pre-Nursery level only): This zone promotes cognitive development, language development, fine and gross motor skills, and emotional regulation. Additionally, sensory play can be calming and soothing for children, helping them to relax and focus.

Infant Care Learning Experience (available at Serangoon 540 only):

Only available at Serangoon 540 centre, you and your infant will embark on a remarkable journey of discovery. Be prepared for gurgles and giggles as our dedicated infant care teachers enlighten your little bundle of joys in a safe and nurturing zone!

🖐️Sensorimotor Play: Involves activities that engage infants in exploring their environment through their senses and movement, promoting cognitive, physical, and emotional development.

🔍Discovery Play: Fosters cognitive development, sensory exploration, and early learning skills as infants discover cause-and-effect relationships, develop fine and gross motor skills, and engage in sensory experiences through hands-on interaction with objects, textures, sounds, and movements.

Did we mention the unbelievable discount on our school fees?

Yes, you read that right! We want to let you know that top quality preschool education does not need to break the bank with our exclusive Open House enrolment promotion of $200 off for up to 12 months*!

Your child deserves only the best, so don’t give this a miss – don’t hesitate to book your preferred centre and time slot at our Open House and we’ll see you very soon!




Open House Details


Date: 18 and 25 May  |  Time: 9am – 1pm




Exclusive Promotion


School Fee Discounts of Up to $200*/Month

For up to 12 months* and more!

*T&Cs apply




Learn more about our award-winning Best Literacy Programme in exclusive learning Childcare and Infant Care learning sessions!


Up to 4 Childcare Learning Experiences!

Immersive Infant Care Learning Sessions (available in Serangoon 540 only)



Participating Centres



12 Aljunied Road, KH Plaza,
#03-01 & #03-02
Singapore 389801



Bukit Batok

Blk 373, Bukit Batok Street 31, #03-244
Singapore 650373




Unit Nos. 27/27A,
Hougang Ave 1

Singapore 538875



Jurong West 478

Blk 478, Jurong West St 41, #01-276
Singapore 640478


Jurong West 502

Blk 502, Jurong West Ave 1, #02-813/817
Singapore 640502 

Serangoon 540

Blk 540, Serangoon North Ave 4,
Singapore 550540


Serangoon 553

Blk 553, Serangoon North Ave 3,
Singapore 550553



Blk 707, Tampines St 71,
Singapore 520707



Blk 161, Woodlands St 13,
Singapore 730161



Blk 832 Yishun St 81,
Singapore 760832





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    Recent Awards

    Since 2005, Little Green House has consistently won numerous awards and accolades for providing a safe and nurturing environment with a well-rounded curriculum that equips children with the proper knowledge, skills and attitudes – thereby preparing them for their future journey in primary school.

    In 2020, Singapore’s Child magazine awarded the distinction of “Best Literacy Programme” to Little Green House for the fourth year running based on the school’s Literacy SMART™ programme. Developed by the same team of curriculum experts from the award-winning Mulberry Learning preschool chain, the Literacy SMART ™ programme coaches the gradual and sustained development of the child to become a budding writer, a fluent reader and a confident speaker by the age of six.



    Parents’ Testimonials


    Literacy SMART™ Programme

    At Little Green House, we take pride in creating a literacy-rich and conducive environment with age-appropriate readers, periodicals and current news clippings at our reading corner available throughout all centres. Our teachers conduct word games, storytelling sessions, book sharing, and reviews between lesson plans and play activities to encourage the children to share what they have read with their peers. Award-winning book titles are also in the children’s class library for easy access. The classroom walls are filled with visual charts, deciphering common words with pictorials for self-directed learning.




    Experiential Learning Approach


    Children deserve places of learning and play which invoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, connection and discovery.

    Our experiential learning approach allows our students to participate in the learning process actively. We use a range of activities, games and materials to introduce new concepts, ideas and knowledge to the students. Whether counting, reading, writing, speaking or learning to socialise with others, our passionate educators are ready to guide, nurture and empower our students.

    Every day is a fun learning adventure for our students, whether learning in the classroom or engaging in outdoor activities.






    Our Professional Preschool Educators

    Our preschool educators are lifelong learners! Through training and development, they are constantly equipped with relevant, up-to-date skills to nurture the Literacy Smart Kid better. Behaviour Experts train our preschool educators to cope with classroom meltdowns and foster positive learning environments!

    Little Green House’s ChrysalisTM Teacher Growth Model aims to provide preschool educators with over 180 hours of comprehensive training and support their career aspirations and growth.

    Our Unique Curriculum Opens A Child’s Mind to a World of Discovery



    Award-winning Programme



    The Literacy SMART™ programme enables the gradual and sustained development of the child as they transform into a fluent reader, a confident speaker and a budding writer by the age of six.



    Conducive Environment



    Every corner is purposefully designed to captivate and instil a love for learning in their little hearts. Learning spaces such as Sound Factory and Language Lab complement our award-winning Literacy SMART™ programme and makes learning a fascinating and thrilling pursuit.



    Dedicated Educators



    With a dedicated team of professional preschool educators, we nurture your child’s full intellectual, social, physical and creative potential.



    Centre Facilities



    We take pride in creating a literacy-rich and conducive environment with age appropriate readers. Periodicals and current news clippings are easily available at our reading corner throughout all centres.



    Happy Parents



    An award-winning preschool, Little Green House passionately delivers quality and affordable education programmes for children aged 2 months to 6 years.

    We have helped many children successfully transit from preschool to Primary 1, where they continue to excel in their educational journey.



    Healthy Meals



    Our meals are in strict accordance to the guidelines set by the Health Promotion Board through its Healthy Meals in Child Care Centres Programme (HMCCP). These delicious and nutritious meals are made from a healthier selection of ingredients from the four main food groups.


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