Singapore’s Best Literacy Programme

Little Green House maintains award streak at Singapore’s Child’s Annual Preschool Awards 2020

2020 has been a tough year for many individuals, brands, and businesses. Nonetheless, we are honoured that amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic around the world, Little Green House has clinched the prestigious title of “Best Literacy Programme” in Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards 2020 for the 4th year running.

Does your child speak confidently, read voraciously, or write fluently by age 6, before they enter their Primary school years? Well, Little Green Houses award-winning Literacy Smart Programme equips preschoolers with basic, intermediate, and advanced literacy skills that enable them to do so! Since its inception in 2005, Little Green House is renowned for its ability to provide a rich and stimulating educational environment for the development of young children, aged two months to six years.

Singapore’s Child, established in 2001, is a monthly magazine filled with informative resources for parents of young children to help them comprehend the challenges of pregnancy and parenting. It also provides lifestyle content, to keep parents up-to-date of the latest child-friendly indoor playgrounds, restaurants, and attractions in Singapore. For the past 4 years, they have organised the Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards which recognises the best preschools in Singapore while highlighting the unique qualities of each early education provider has to offer.

With this additional accolade under its belt, parents can be assured that their child will truly benefit from Little Green House’s literacy programme!

At Little Green House, we groom budding writers, fluent readers, confident speakers and The Literacy Smart Kid. Read more about Little Green House’s “Best Literacy Programme” award here.


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