It’s official! Little Green House is pleased to announce that we have recently won the <Best Literacy Programme> by Parent’s World Magazine for the 2nd year running!

Our LITERACY SMART ™ programme was developed to coach the gradual and sustained development of a child to become a fluent reader, a confident speaker and a budding writer by the age of six. We were heartened to witness the differences in our little ones since the launch of the programme, and the winning of the award for the second year was a cherry on top of our achievements.

We are immensely grateful for the love, and we want to share our joy with you! Celebrate with Little Green House from 21st May till 2nd June, and enjoy $100 off school fees for the first 12 months for all enrollments during this period! *Applicable for all centres except Yishun

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Award-Winning Preschool offering affordable infant & child care programmes to children aged 2 months – 6 years old

Quality education brought to you by the same creators of premium preschool brands Mulberry Learning and Alphabet Playhouse!

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