Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Little Green House and allowing us to be a part of your child’s learning journey.

We are pleased to introduce our Parent Referral Programme 2016, exclusively for you and your friends! The delightful experiences that your children have with us can now be extended to your friends and their children. Not only that, both you and your friend will get exclusive incentives when you refer him/her to Little Green House!



This Parent Referral Program is for parents who currently have their child / children enrolled in Little Green House. These parents (hereby known as “Referral Parents”) will be rewarded when they refer new parents to Little Green House (upon successful enrollment of the new parent’s child / children).

New parents, upon successful enrollment of their child / children, will also be rewarded.
The table below shows more details of this program.



How Can Parents Participate in This Program – 2 Simple Ways

1. For New Parent,

If you have been introduced to Little Green House by a friend whose child is already enrolled with us, why not schedule a visit at your preferred centre? Should you subsequently decide to enroll your child with us, do remember to indicate your friend’s details as a referral parent, so that both of you stand to benefit! That means a $100 fee rebate for you, and a $200 fee rebate for your friend!

2. For Referral Parent,

If you are an existing parent from Little Green House and you know that your friends would love us as much as you do, introduce your friends here! If your friends decide to enroll their children with us, you will be receiving a $200 fee rebate and your friend will also receive a $100 fee rebate off future school fees!


Online Referral Form

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Referral Parent

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Terms and Conditions:

  • 1New parent should not be a previous Little Green House parent who withdrew from the school after 1st October 2016.
  • 2Fee rebate is given as a one-time credit off future fees. It is not transferable or convertible to cash in the event the parent withdraws before enjoying the fee rebate. Fee rebate is given after the end of the 2nd calendar month following the start of enrollment by the new parent. The details of when the fee rebate will be given will be provided at a later date, typically by the 4th month.
  • Fee rebate is a rebate on top of any current subsidies and promotions offered by Little Green House. However, kindly note that parents who are paying monthly net fees that are lower than the fee rebate amount may not be able to enjoy the full amount of the rebate.
  • The new parent must enroll his/her child in a full day programme in order for both the new parent and referral parent to be eligible for the incentives of the Parent Referral Programme.
  • Every new parent can only be referred by one referral parent.
  • In the event the new parent withdraws his/her child after the second calendar month of enrollment with the full month’s fee paid, the referral parent will still be eligible to enjoy the rebate.
  • Parent referrals, together with the rewards, are only valid if the required referral forms are submitted prior to the enrollment of the new parent’s child.
  • Little Green House reserves the right at any time as its sole discretion to determine, vary or change from time to time the terms and conditions of this offer without prior notice, by publishing the amended version on the Little Green House website.